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<p>Frenetic visuals, even more frenetic action, and a thumping rhythmic beat behind it all are Thumper's stylish calling cards, and you'll be able to experience its unique brand of music game on your iOS device next month.</p><p>While the intense speed and challenging rhythm-driven gameplay remains the same as its console and PC brethren, this Pocket Edition lets you play Thumper with one hand in portrait on your phone.</p><p>Promising 60 FPS for its fast gameplay, Thumper unleashes your chrome beetle on nine twisting tracks besieged by metallic bosses, tapping and reacting to the beat for high scores.</p>Our Switch review praised the game for its gorgeous aesthetic and smooth engaging gameplay, despite the lack of VR. You can preorder Thumper: Pocket Edition on the App Store for £4.99 / $4.99, ahead of its late January release..

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