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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Puzzle Games.

mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.3.7

mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v3.34

Amazing New Features Of Shop Titans Mod Apk....
mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD (Unlimited Money) v6.5.1b

mortal kombat apk mod android(APK v2.7

"I put this fireplace in myself," remarked Captain Jim. "The Government don't give lighthouse keepers such luxuries. Look at the colors that wood makes. If you'd like some driftwood for your fire, Mistress Blythe, I'll bring you up a load some day. Sit down. I'm going to make you a cup of tea."....
mortal kombat apk mod android(APK v8.6.1.538

mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.13.1

A WORKMAN, felling wood by the side of a river, let his axe drop - by accident into a deep pool. Being thus deprived of the means of his livelihood, he sat down on the bank and lamented his hard fate. Mercury appeared and demanded the cause of his tears. After he told him his misfortune, Mercury plunged into the stream, and, bringing up a golden axe, inquired if that were the one he had lost. On his saying that it was not his, Mercury disappeared beneath the water a second time, returned with a silver axe in his hand, and again asked the Workman if it were his. When the Workman said it was not, he dived into the pool for the third time and brought up the axe that had been lost. The Workman claimed it and expressed his joy at its recovery. Mercury, pleased with his honesty, gave him the golden and silver axes in addition to his own. The Workman, on his return to his house, related to his companions all that had happened. One of them at once resolved to try and secure the same good fortune for himself. He ran to the river and threw his axe on purpose into the pool at the same place, and sat down on the bank to weep. Mercury appeared to him just as he hoped he would; and having learned the cause of his grief, plunged into the stream and brought up a golden axe, inquiring if he had lost it. The Workman seized it greedily, and declared that truly it was the very same axe that he had lost. Mercury, displeased at his knavery, not only took away the golden axe, but refused to recover for him the axe he had thrown into the pool....
mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD (Frozen Enemy) v1.27.1

mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.7.16077

And, veiled in them, did win whom he would maim.....
mortal kombat apk mod android(APK v0.994

mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD (Unlimited Money) v8.3

<p>Odie's Dimension II is the sequel to Dream Tech's previous isometric puzzler. This follow up is available now for Android devices and will see players guiding Laura and Lara through the titular Odie's Dimension.</p><p>Much like the original, Odie's Dimension II draws influence from the likes of Threes, Twenty 48 Solitaire and Monument Valley among others. That means there's a heavy focus on puzzles and exploring a strange world with bizarre geometry.</p>Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered review - "Cross-play chaos"<p>It plays out from an isometric perspective and Dream Tech says that it features simple controls where you'll mostly just have to tap to move, leaving your brain free to solve the various conundrums Odie's Dimension will have in store for you. There will also be pivots that you'll need to drag or rotate to create new paths to traverse.</p>....
mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.4

mortal kombat apk mod android(MOD (Unlimited Money/Resources) v0.7.16

Harm have I done to them, but ne'er was harmed;...