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<p>After the Switch released a few weeks ago there were several smaller problems circulating the internet, as was expected. From screen scratches to blown pixels, and the most common of all - the left Joy-Con sync issues.</p><p>According Mr. Hollister over at CNET however it looks like Nintendo may be accepting the fact that things aren't quite right as they start fixing faulty Joy-Cons with a very simple hack.</p><p>Unfortunately, as most people feared, the issue is hardware-related, so no amount of waiting for a patch to come out will ever stop Link from walking psychopathically off a cliff. Instead, it looks like contacting customer services is the way to go.</p><p>Despite Nintendo suggesting you were too close to your fishtank or that you should stop playing your Switch near the microwave, the fix was almost unbelievably simple: conductive foam.</p><p>Hollister took a photo comparison between the untouched and fixed models, and noted that the only difference was in fact a tiny piece of foam in the lower right hand corner.</p><p>Let's just hope the others experiencing the same issue will be getting the same service, especially if the fix is so simple.</p>*Before (above) vs after (below) - photo source: Cnet*.


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