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Shooting Archery(APK v1.9.4)

Adventures in East – Ninja Run Mod Adventures in East – Ninja Run v1.0.3 mod Features:Modified gold coins is unlimited.Adventures in East – Ninja Run in Garden City is the latest exciting 3D runner game featuring several nimble ninjas breezing through a beautiful city in the East. Your mission is guide the ninja dash and run to escape from the Evil Warrior Hunt. Are you ready for the action? Game Play:* JUMP to dodge obstables* DUCK to avoid being hit* SWIPE to turn on corner* TILT to collect coins* RUN on the wall* THROW darts to break barrel* RACE as fast as possibleFEATURES:* Stunning colorful 3D HD graphics with multiple game scenes to run from* Choose from many cute ninja characters* Complete daily mission for rewards * Plenty of power-ups you can upgrade from the collected coins* Facebook integration to invite your friends for challenge.

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