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<p>Since the release of The Forgotten Room, Glitch Games has gone a little radio silent until yesterday when they announced their newest project, The Bunker. <p>We’re very happy to announce our next game, The Bunker— Glitch Games (@GlitchGames) March 6, 2017 Like The Forgotten Room, The Bunker is another point-and-click adventure in which you'll be thrown in to explore a location which will most likely be a bunker - shocking, I know.</p><p>I wish I could tell you more at the moment but the developer's only released a little bit of information. Aside from the fact the game'll be in a couple of parts, one other piece of information is that we should be expecting three games in 2017.</p><p>There's no solid just just yet, but hopefully it won't be in the later end of the year. We'll update you when we know more.</p>.

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