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<p>Upcoming surreal 2D adventure game Memoranda should be coming to iOS once it's finished.</p><p>It surpassed its CAD $22,000 stretch goal for an iOS version when its successful Kickstarter came to a close last week.</p><p>It seems to be a good'un too. It takes heavily from the magical realism of Japanese author Hiroki Murakami. So if you're a fan of his fiction then Memoranda should appeal to you too.</p><p>Memoranda takes place in a small town that seems to blend people and technology from different eras of time into an anachronistic whole.</p><p>There are laptops and bamboo water clocks, a WWII survivor, and an elephant hoping to become a human.</p><p>The one thing that draws it all together is that each character is losing something.</p><p>This is the central theme and is also the reason the title is "memoranda" (which is the plural for a physical reminder of something not to be forgotten).</p><p>With its beautiful animated scenes and strange characters this should be worth keeping an eye on. We'll keep you updated on its progress.</p>.

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