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<p>The White Door is an intriguing point-and-click mystery from beloved developer (now publisher) Rusty Lake. It sees you playing as a mental health patient called Robert Hill. At the start of the game, poor Robert is suffering from severe memory loss. Mobile Mode Gaming reports that the game takes place in a mental health facility, and sees you exploring Robert&rsquo;s dreams to unlock his past.</p><p>Rusty Lake&rsquo;s output remains one of the most consistently interesting in all of mobile gaming. It specialises in weird, disquieting, often unique experiences that I&rsquo;m glad have managed to find a sizeable audience. It&rsquo;s probably best known for its Cube Escape series, the latest entry of which &ndash; Cube Escape: Paradox &ndash; we reviewed late last year.</p>.


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